How do we continue to practice day after day? How does our meditation practice continue to nourish us long after it has become routine?

Well, the beauty of this practice is that it isn’t our responsibility to make-up the spiritual path. We don’t have to continually hunt for something new, unique or different. This practice, this path, has been around for 2500+ years, and those that came long before us have laid out the teachings fully.

To Nourish our practice, we must stay curious and continue to explore the teachings.

When we are new to a practice, we come to it excited and inquisitive, and over time, we subtly take on the attitude of “I know.”… We lose the open eyes and open mind of a beginner.

To keep the practice fresh, we must continue to study as well as practice. There are texts, books, podcasts, talks… If we can keep the teachings fresh, we keep our practice fresh.

As with everything in life, we must also be mindful of balance. We can practice without studying. We can study without ever practicing. But, only with both will we continue to experience progress and growth.

**In this class as well as a few upcoming classes, you will hear some student-teachers co-teaching with me <3 So proud of these students for deepening their practice and taking this next step. Thank you for allowing them to join our practice**

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