Isolation, community, and meditation practice.

How does practicing something like meditation, a solitary practice, improve by practicing with others?

In this final piece of our Nourish Your Practice meditation series, we share the benefits of practicing in a community. We’ve already explored confidence in our own wakefulness {part 1}, the importance of keeping the teachings fresh {part 2}, and now the importance of having a community.

Whether you’ve had a hard day or a fantastic day, by practicing with others you not only have others to hold you accountable but get to share in their energy as well. Each of these tenants re-enforces the others. Practicing in community keeps the teachings fresh & inspires confidence in your own practice. Being confident in your own practice allows you to practice in group. Having a grasp of the teachings enhances your confidence…. It is a self-supporting cycle that naturally uplifts and sustains a meditation practice.

Practicing in a community, no matter how often, is the piece that will keep our practice from falling away and keep us inspired.

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as a part of your community practice and tell me, does practicing with us online enhance additional practices for you during the week?

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