There is an old joke about a therapist who tells her client to start meditating. She says, “you’ll feel better…” So, the client begins a meditation practice and comes back to the therapist only to report, “You lied to me! I am feeling all this STUFF coming up. All these emotions and anxiety… I don’t feel better at all?!”

And, the therapist smiles and says, “ah, yes. You are feeling your anxiety better. You are feeling your sadness better. ALL your emotions better!”

Isn’t this the truth?! As we embark on a meditation practice, it isn’t uncommon for new practitioners to find themselves in a moment that feels… more. More emotional. More sensitive. More joyful. More heartache. More.

This “more-ness” comes from the experience of, perhaps for the first time ever, opening up to our hearts and our vulnerability. We are allowing ourselves to feel fully. And, this new-er, more connected heartfulness comes with its own tangible, physical experiences. The physiology of vulnerability. 

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not going to think about that right now…” Well, meditation is about to make you REAL uncomfortable, and for the very best reasons. Because now, we are going to stop numbing, ignoring and distracting. We are going to carve out safe space and dedicated time to allowing ourselves to feel. Basically, we sit down. We shut up. And we say, “ok, body. What do you need to tell me today?” And we listen. 

The beauty of this practice is that, while it feels momentarily uncomfortable in the beginning, the amount of freedom we feel from no longer hiding from ourselves and our emotions is exponential. Our capacity to feel joy is exponential. When we don’t numb to part of the emotional spectrum, we are available to so much more. 

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we break down the physiology of vulnerability and use our meditation practice as a tool to feel BETTER!

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