Last week, we kicked off the February meditation series with an exploration of why we feel so much more when we start a meditation practice. We worked with Brene Brown’s definition of vulnerability {uncertainty, risk & emotional exposure} as a clear picture of what is happening when we meditate.

In this week’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we explore what is happening when we feel vulnerable. The Physiology of Vulnerability.

This physiology shows up in a lightning quick process that moves through our brains, our bodies and our emotions. It is an amazing process, and truth be told, it isn’t totally a bad thing. After all, this primal response is what has allowed our species to survive, evolve and thrive. 

And yet, today, it isn’t really necessary all the time. Often we aren’t in danger. We are just feeling something we’ve deemed as “yucky” likely from the safety of our meditation cushions. There is no tiger lurking outside the door.

So, what is there to do?? Happily, there is a lot of opportunity to work with this innate response and evolve it into something a bit more friendly and welcoming. After all, vulnerability is the epicenter for joy, connection and creativity. Rather than continuing to run from ourselves, why don’t we sit down and stay awhile?

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