I’m not a Zen meditation practitioner, but I’m intrigued by the practice of Zen Koans. A koan is a question or a story that upon reflecting on it, causes the student to awaken. Hearing the right question at the right moment. Seeing the sunrise on this particular day…. Any of thousands of mundane moments can be the catalyst for awakening to the grace and beauty of our everyday lives. This month’s meditation series is about exactly this – Ordinary Grace.

It’s in the spilled milk. The missed yoga class. The laughter of a child.

How does this awakening to grace happen? It is in the subtle shift from head to heart. Rather than racing to a finish line, we find ourselves simply dropping into the moment. And, what better way to practice this dropping in than in meditation.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore the unfolding of this inner quality, as we learn to trust our own deepest experiences and open to Ordinary Grace.