This past weekend was full of special, beautiful moments, some mundane ones, and a few really annoying moments. Interestingly, I noticed that because I had some really special moments, the frustrating moments were MORE frustrating. It seems that when partnered right alongside something wonderful, it is even harder than normal to deal with the difficult moments. It sends us into a daily, tumultuous tailspin of emotion –

I LIKE this moment. Yes.
I DISLIKE this moment. No.

In this meditation series, our study of Ordinary Grace started with

PREPARING – shifting from head to heart

PRACTICING – addressing our reaction to stress

And now…


Opening to Grace is nothing more than letting go of the tailspin. Of embracing it all, and excluding none.

Join me for today’s talk and meditation on The Mindful Minute. We will explore what exactly it means to let go, why it is so difficult and how embracing it all opens us to Ordinary Grace.