One of the things I’m constantly thinking about/discussing/brainstorming is the difficulty in maintaining a consistent meditation practice. WHY is it so hard for us {myself included} to commit to something that we KNOW will help us enjoy our lives more fully??

There is something challenging about pausing when we know we have to feel. We aren’t distracting, we aren’t numbing or hiding… We are just HERE. Feeling. Noticing. Present. That is what meditation asks of us and our inner toddler just doesn’t want to do that {insert foot stomp here!!}.

As a kid, I had this reoccurring dream of being chased by a faceless person. I remember it being so terrifying, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the dream resolved itself the night I stopped running and turned around to see who was chasing me. The fear dissolves when we are brave enough to pause. To quit running.

Join me for today’s talk on the difficulty of pausing and a guided meditation. I share 3 easy ways I support my efforts to pause and practice daily, and I’d love to hear from you! What helps you to stay consistent? What hinders you? Reach out via social media {@merylarnett} or email {} and let me know!