“In naming things we often come to mistake the names for the things themselves…” 

~Maria Popova⁠

As part of the New Year traditions, many of us are anxious to reflect, to set intentions and goals, to pick a “word” of the year, to name what it is we most want…⁠

There is great value in these reflections and goals, and yet, each of the things we name {even a goal of starting a meditation habit} is standing in for a feeling we are chasing. So, what’s that feeling? And, what’s beneath that one?⁠

There are so many places in our lives when we substitute studying/reading/planning as a stand-in for the actual exploration itself. It can be SO tempting to let someone else tell us the way, to tell us what we should want, or to tell us what we should do. 

Our meditation practice is an invitation to come back to exploring through a new way of listening. In meditation, we watch the beauty of the unfolding pathway of thought as a way of knowing beyond “names”.⁠

Join me for today’s New-Year-inspired episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore, listen, and taste our way to a clear start to the year and the decade. Be sure to grab a notebook or journal and spend a few minutes free writing after your practice so you remember all that unfolds during your 20-minute meditation.

Happy New Year!

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