“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body…”

This quote, by James Joyce, is something that plays on repeat in my consciousness. The first time I heard it, it resonated so deeply, and I believe many of us have this experience – of living just outside of our bodies, or living from the neck up, with no awareness of what is happening within our inner bodies.

The reasons for this are too many to count. Perhaps it is from the constant stream of perfectly edited images coming at us. Or injury. Or illness. From birth. From Trauma. From the unkind words of others long ago…. I could go on.

And within all of this, I’ve noticed a common thread. Whenever we speak of healing our bodies, it is almost always accompanied by the words, “I should…”

As in, I should lose 20 lbs, try a new combo of holistic herbs, eat vegan, see a therapist, etc. And, yes. Some of these “shoulds” probably would help, AND none of them is the magic panacea. No one thing can erase our lived experiences.

So what can we do? How do we reclaim our bodies? Tune into The Mindful Minute today as we explore the pathway to reclamation and re-inhabiting our bodies.