This month, our discussion has centered around Reclaiming your Life. We started with reclaiming time; no longer playing victims to our calendar. Next, we reclaimed our bodies; no longer waiting for the magic cure to feel whole, but rather understanding wholeness as the invitation to re-inhabit our bodies.

Today, we are reclaiming joy! I’d like to define joy not as always-feeling-happy but as contentment – a sense of purpose, presence and fulfillment from your life.

Not a victim to your life.

Not trying to control or perfect your life.

Not buried in shoulds…


Instead, simply allowing the messy imperfections to be. To live in the realness.

Most importantly, we will explore the paradox of Joy – the more you reach for it, the harder it is to find.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute to explore what it might mean to reclaim your joy and to share in a 20-minute guided meditation.

**In this class as well as a few upcoming classes, you will hear some student-teachers co-teaching with me <3 So proud of these students for deepening their practice and taking this next step. Thank you for allowing them to join our practice**

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