Some time ago, Congresswoman Maxine Waters was the source of much ruckus and meme-creation with her apparently audacious act of stating she was “reclaiming my time” when the Treasury Secretary tried to evade a direct question…

Reclaiming my time…

Why is this such a hard thing to do? Is it a parent thing? A woman thing? A business owner thing? A human thing? In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we are exploring what it takes to reclaim our time. To stop playing victim to our calendar and our commitments. To carve out the clarity, the space and the audaciousness to live the life we want.

Reclaiming my time took some gutsy work –

I had to ask for help and risk inconveniencing someone else

I had to choose to leave something else undone {looking at you emails}

I had to put myself first

I had to do the work – to plan, schedule and cover the costs…

Reclaiming time isn’t just a cute phrase or a fun meme. It is a thing. A hard thing that takes bravery, vulnerability and effort. And, it’s a thing we must do for own joy & well-being.

Tune in for our exploration of time and a 20-minute guided meditation where you practice reclaiming the time that is rightfully yours!

**In this class as well as a few upcoming classes, you will hear some student-teachers co-teaching with me <3 So proud of these students for deepening their practice and taking this next step. Thank you for allowing them to join our practice**

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