This month’s meditation series is based upon one question – 

“What do I do when I feel I can’t handle what is going on?”

We all have our coping mechanisms, and likely, we’ve all been using them A LOT lately.

The problem with these mechanisms is that we use them as tools to avoid the discomfort of feeling out of control, and this pseudo-control becomes like a prison boxing us into our own neurosis.

We CAN’T let go of the beliefs or the actions or the escapes because what is left is far too scary. 

We become increasingly terrified of the possibility of freedom.

Meditation tells us there is another way. Meditation reminds us that freedom doesn’t come from resisting our fears but from getting to know them well.

In today’s episode, we explore three ways we protect ourselves from fear and how we can bring a sense of creative curiosity to that fear. Within this exploration, we can hear the whispers of compassion and self-understanding calling…

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