“You set out to find God, but keep stopping at mean-spirited roadhouses.” ~Rumi

This week brings the final installment of my Responding Creatively to Fear meditation series, and in this week’s episode we talk about how to continue when you want to give up.

One of the truest statements I think I ever heard was from another Atlanta yoga teacher who said, “best not to start this path because once you do… you can’t get off.”

It can be so tempting sometimes to go back to sleep…

Isn’t it easier to watch TV for 4 hours and skip that meditation?

Isn’t it easier to just have the glass of wine or eat the chocolate cake?

Isn’t it easier to mindless scroll on Facebook throughout the day?

Fortunately and unfortunately, once you begin to awaken you have begun. You can try to go back to sleep. We almost all do at least once, but some part of your subconscious continues to nudge you…
“This isn’t the way. This isn’t what you want. There is something truer. Keep going.”

We must stop visiting the mean-spirited roadhouses and aspire to make these practices our way of life. So, we will practice, and we will do it because we know every itch we don’t scratch, every thought we don’t chase, every minute we stay seated rather than pursuing the next to-do, these are all the training ground to help us stay awake during our lives. These moments prepare us to hold the tensions that are part of our human existence and to continue on the path even when the mean-spirited roadhouses call our names. Let’s practice. 

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