A new month, a new series….

This series was born from struggle. Struggle with too much intensity, too much hurt, too much confusion. This happens in our lives at various points, for various reasons… For me right now, current events and the state of the world are what caused my spiral into intense and overwhelming emotion.

And, as always, it was/is my practice that helped to bring me back. These struggles, our struggles, aren’t new and neither are the remedies. The practice of meditation was born out of the realization that human life equals suffering. This practice is 2500+ years old. We don’t have to make up solutions or practices to help us; they already exist.

We simply have to find our practice and trust it.

Meditators through time discovered that our suffering has 1 of 3 causes. In this 3 part series, we will look at each cause in turn. Today, we are talking about –

Grasping. It is that state of constantly getting ready for the next thing. Something better is around the corner if I could just hurry up and get there. The state of reaching for what we want, and running from what we don’t like.

It is exhausting, disappointing and we do it all the time.

Our path to freedom can summed up by a man who lived to be 116 years old. When asked the secret to his longevity, he said, “when it rains, I let it.”

Join me for today’s exploration of ritual and the path to freedom followed by a 20-minute guided meditation and gratitude practice.

Next week, we will be exploring aggression.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash