This past weekend’s Winter Solstice felt particularly potent for me. Some years I reflect and teach on the dark. Some years I reflect and teach on the coming light. This year, I felt drawn to savor the pause in-between. ⁠

There is a space in meditation when “nothing” is happening, there is no loud thoughts, there are no clear insights, there is just a sense of nothingness.⁠

It can be easy to forget that much of our meditation practice rests in our liminal spaces. Especially in times of being overly-busy, our meditation practice can feel like it is spent fighting with the mind, efforting, noting all the thoughts, etc. ⁠

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute  we explore how to drop a little more easily into a spacious pause and savor these moments of silence & stillness amidst the noise of the season.⁠

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