Being a native Atlantan, I feel pretty confident this meditation will be useful! How often do you get stuck in traffic or waiting on the bus? How often have you thought you planned enough time to get somewhere and then, lo and behold, with zero control of the circumstances, you find yourself 10, 15 even 30 minutes late thanks to traffic.

What does that feel like? Is it frustration? Is it anger? Is it fear that the waiting person will be mad or judge you or not wait for you?

This 5-minute meditation is meant to be listened to in the car. You can continue to drive, obviously eyes open (!!) and let these words guide you back to an awake presence, to help you reconnect to the humanity that surrounds you.

Bookmark the link and the next time you find yourself stuck and feeling some kind of way about it, press play. *please do this safely, only accessing your bookmarks while the car is stopped.*