This month’s meditation series is all about taking your meditation practice deeper. One of the facets of a deepening meditation practice is known as Right Speech. The teachings around Right Speech offer us guidance for speaking in a way that gives rise to peace and happiness within oneself and others. It is a practice of speaking deep, kind truth. And, perhaps most importantly, it is a practice that begins within Self. 

Yep, the way we talk to ourselves DIRECTLY impacts how we speak to others. The heart sets the tone for our speech, and our meditation practice allows us to notice and evolve the tone of our heart. This practice commits us to a greater awareness of body, mind and emotions. It makes it possible to recognize what we are going to say as we prepare to say it – and it gives us the gift of choice.

Ready to explore Right Speech for yourself? Tune into The Mindful Minute today for a discussion about speech and a 20-minute guided meditation practice. 

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