Well… I started my planning for this week’s episode weeks ago. Drafted my talk with the best of intentions. And, then I went on vacation {again} and my baby got sick {again} and now we are home and no one has slept. We are all grumpy, tired and needing space.

And, a few hours before I left the house to teach this class, I lost it on my kids… Ugh. I mean totally lost my patience and yelled over nothing {shakes head}. 

Then, as I drove to the studio, I realized that it is exactly this type of moment we need to talk about. This series is all about “deepening” your meditation practice, and it occurs to me that we can easily mistake what growth really looks like… Like somehow if I meditate enough I will never lose my patience again. Or get angry again…

Growth isn’t linear, my friends, and, far too often, our belief of what growth should look like is the very thing that stops our growth in the first place. 

We can’t be afraid to practice when it is messy or unclear. We can’t be afraid to honestly say we don’t know the answer. Ultimately, we are to learning to be with ourselves in a friendly, curious way. We are learning to live the questions.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we talk about what a deep practice really is, why the messy moments can be our greatest teachers, and have a 20-minute meditation practice together.

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