Oh, this is destined to be a good one… Working with abundance is THE WORK, isn’t?? Either we are following our passion and don’t want to cloud things with “money” or we are desperate for things to turn around and all we can see is the lack surrounding us. Either way, quite often, it shows up in our life as an ignoring (intentionally or not) of what is already there. It shows up as a lack of appreciation for what is already there, and a lack of intentionally stating what we want to grow. 

Whenever we are aware that something is missing from our lives, whether that is money, time, love, connection, etc., the innate tendency is to HURRY UP AND FIX IT.⁠


Yet, busy-ness is a sure sign of a small, fixated mind. In this mode, we can’t see past the tip of our nose. ⁠

The antidote is suppleness. The antidote is an open, curious and flexible mind.⁠

Can’t see what you are looking for? Try broadening your view to see what’s in front of you in this moment.⁠

Catch more in this week’s episode of The Mindful Minute, and be sure to tune in next week as we extend our exploration of abundance and enough-ness.

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