We kicked off this series with acknowledging the importance of slowing down and seeing what’s here rather than rush to respond to wants with busyness. Now, we are going to pay attention to what we really want… We are paying attention to desire.

It is so interesting to talk about desire within a meditation practice, isn’t it? So often, we are focused on letting go and non-attachment, but, let’s be real. We are human and we want stuff. We want things, we want achievement, and we want better for ourselves and our families. So, I think the more important teaching might be to differentiate between unhealthy desire and healthy desire.

It isn’t that we can’t have wants – but rather can we let go of grasping and driving and instead pay attention to softening and listening.

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we work with desire within our meditation practice and our daily lives!

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