This month’s meditation series is titled “The Conditions for Magic” and it was inspired by a quote I first heard from Susan Piver and later learned originated from Julia Cameron –

“The first rule of magic is containment.”

In this first of 3 episodes, we will start with our container. With the foundation. We aren’t talking about magic in the mystical sense or the Harry Potter sense…. For me, when thinking about magic, I think of –

A life lived with curiosity rather than fear, with engagement rather than numbness, and with joy rather than judgment.

In the engaged life, magic is a SKILL. And, we obtain skills through practice. In this way, meditation is our container, and even more specifically, the posture we take during meditation is our most primal container. For my personal practice, this realization was a BIG distinction. The meditation itself is not the magic; it is the foundation from which magic is accessible. In our daily lives. In the minutiae.

What does magic mean for you? Join me for today’s talk + meditation and be sure to share your comments with me via Facebook/Instagram/Email {@merylarnett or}