This series, The Conditions For Magic, is quickly shaping up to be my favorite series of all time… Something about it feels, well…, magical 😉

Last week, we started with The Container for magic. The foundation. We talked of magic being a skill, something that is developed through practice. Through the mindfulness of our posture as we sit in meditation.

This week, we talked of The Inspiration for magic. The subtleness of it. There is no TRYING to be inspired; we simply feel the lightening bolt of inspiration strike. Although we can’t force the magical, beautiful moments in our lives, we can prime ourselves to be ready, eyes open, for when they appear.

I share one of my all-time favorite stories and an enticing question… when we are in a hurry, can we appreciate beauty?

And, we talk about the “Noble Failure” of meditation courtesy of Stephen Cope. Curious? Tune into this week’s edition of The Mindful Minute, and, of course, please join me in person for the last class in this series on Monday, May 21 at 6:15 p.m. We will be talking about The Alchemy of magic!