In our final installment of The Conditions for Magic series, we are talking about the alchemy, the transformation, that takes place within meditation. I was inspired by a recent interview with Italian Physicist Carlo Rovelli when he said, “we understand the world through interactions.”

I find, in meditation, that the clarity we gain comes from the direct, conscious interaction with our minds. When we meditate, we come face to face with our thoughts, the patterns or habits, the level of noise or quiet we exist with….

We have something like 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts we had yesterday. The magic, the transformation, occurs as we start to see the threads that connect our thoughts. We start to connect the seemingly unconnected – first with ourselves, then with others, to our environment…. It is endless; the connections are there the moment you start to see clearly.

Join me today for this brief talk and 20-minute meditation, and, always, please share your thoughts with me via or .