This week’s meditation is a final look at ritual within our practice. I’m the first to admit my practice doesn’t always feel especially ritualistic or spiritual. Often, I meditate in my living room while my son watches TV nearby. My partner getting ready for work in the other room. There is noise, distraction, and lots of real life interruptions. And, yet, regardless of whether I meditate in a silent, retreat space filled with candles and incense or at home with my son asking “how much longer???” one hundred times, there is something sacred to me within this practice.

The ritual, for me, is the moment I silently breath in the words, “Now is my time to meditate.” I say this at the beginning of every meditation. It is my way of stepping into this sacred practice no matter where I am, how I feel or what is going on around me.

In this week’s episode of The Mindful Minute, I share a few rituals that have inspired me recently and we look at balancing the mundane with the enlightened. We discuss the idea that ritual or spiritual practice is a lens with which we view the world. How do you keep your practice sacred?

Tune into this week’s talk and guided meditation, and be sure to share your rituals with me {holler at @sacredchillwest or @merylarnett on Instagram with your practices!}.

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