It takes a deep commitment to self to make a daily meditation practice happen. It sounds good on paper or in theory… but, the actuality of a daily practice is that is takes T I M E. Every. Single. Day. It asks of us to place value on stillness; it asks of us to claim our calendars as our own; and it asks of us to let go of what popular culture tells us about achievement.

If working harder was all that it took to be successful, we’d all be millionaires. Am I right?! We can scramble, hustle, plan, batch, and delegate until we are blue in the face. And, there will still be 1,000 demands on our time. 

Because the truth is, I want a lot for my life, and I bet you do to. I want to be an incredible mom, and a deeply connected and supportive partner. I want a wildly successful business that fulfills me and supports me financially. I want to be healthy, and happy, and to feel free. You too?

Well, if all we had to do was work harder, I think we’d already be there…. So let’s change the paradigm. Let’s place value on connection to self, first. Let’s claim our time as our own and honor that there is nothing on our calendar that we didn’t place there. You want to meditate every day? Write it on your calendar every day.

What can it hurt to try a different way? That to do list isn’t going anywhere regardless 😉

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