Recently, I’ve had several students ask about meditating while angry, or anxious, or frustrated… What do we do when we are stuck in a difficult moment? Is it stop, drop and meditate?

Well…. Probably not. Meditation is a tool not a cure. Meaning we can’t expect to sit down in the midst of anger, try to meditate, and suddenly feel better. When we meditate while angry, we are just going to feel the fullness of that anger. Same with anxiety, frustration, fear, or any of the emotions.

The very best thing we can do is to cultivate a regular meditation practice. This daily return to the cushion is a way to build tolerance and resilience for uncomfortable emotions. We do this consistently and gently to build the muscle memory of comfort. Then when the difficult moments arise, as they do for all of us, we have a bit more familiarity, comfort and space around that struggle.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we discuss a few tips for dealing with anger in the moment, including finding your own personal mantra. I’d love to know, does meditation help you in tough moments?

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