This month at Sacred Chill {West} our theme of the month is True Belonging. Not the belonging of fitting in or “finding your tribe”, but the belonging of being at home in your body and therefore the world.

I’ve spent the last month or so immersed in Brene Brown’s shame-resilience curriculum, Connections. Her offered antidote for shame is courage, compassion, connection. In my opinion, this is also the recipe for True Belonging –

The courage to share your stories & vulnerabilities.
The compassion to listen to someone else share their stories.
The meaningful connections that we develop through these interactions.

John O’Donohue offers us this quote, “our bodies know that we belong. It’s our minds that make us so homeless.”

Join me in discussion and meditation as we explore this embodied way to meeting life with our whole heart.

If you’d like to skip right to the meditation, it begins at 3:26.