I recently heard someone express that Trust is the antithesis of shame. Trust is asking us to believe that the moment is complete rather than believing we are flawed and unworthy of acceptance. Trust is asking us to set aside our negativity bias – the subconscious assumption that this moment is a problem and needs to be fixed – and instead to stay present.

In this first talk of our Trust series, we are going to dip a toe in the waters of Trust. We aren’t diving headfirst just yet, but we are taking a first step on the path –

Today, we are talking I N T E N T I O N.

More specifically, we are talking about a liberating intention. One that is innately present within us. One that is possibly now. And, one that asks us to listen more deeply.

Join me for today’s talk on Intention and Trust, and let’s explore our intentions together in a 20-minute guided meditation.