Our community intention this month is R E M E M B E R

How long have you spent running away from yourself? How many times has “should” informed your decisions? How many times has someone else’s picture made you change your picture?

This month’s meditation series is devoted to the remembrance of and reconnection to one’s true self. The you that ONLY YOU can express. Discovering the pathway to the true self is an act of wayfinding – mapping the stars, feeling the currents, trusting the internal whispers. Civil Rights Activist Ruby Sales points out that complete sight is comprised of hindsight, insight & foresight. These are the tools of the modern wayfinder. 

At its heart, wayfinding is a system of elements working together to provide guidance; so too is our meditation practice. It is within this practice that we make our way home to ourselves.

In this first episode, we are exploring the tool of HINDSIGHT.

“It was Karl Marx, I think, who once proposed that evolution be studied in reverse, with an eye firmly fixed on the evolved species while glancing backward for hints.” 

~Jerome Bruner, In Search of Mind

In reading James Hillman’s The Soul’s Code – he shares The Acorn Theory. In a nutshell {haha}, this theory is the idea that our calling, our purpose is within us from the moment of conception. We come into the world with this calling, this dharmic path already inside us. Much like an acorn ALREADY has an oak tree inside it. 

Then all along the way, life happens. Expectations, shoulds, praise and blame, gain and loss, fame and disrepute – this all happens in big and small ways. And each experience adds layer to our eyes and impacts the way we view ourselves and the world. 

In this winding way, we lose the clarity of calling, purpose and intention. 

We can use our meditation practice as a way to reflect back, to look for clues to our true self. Meditation in particular can help us do this without getting lost in story.

If we were just to reflect back – maybe in conversation or with pen & paper, you might be able to glean some insight. And also, you likely will get sucked into the stories you always tell yourself. You are looking through the same dirty windscreen.

Meditation clears our eyes.

We look back without judgment and with compassion. We stay rooted in the present so as not to get lost living in the past. These tools keep us on track.

As Rumi said, “You set out to find God, but then you keep stopping for long periods at mean-spirited roadhouses. Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, leave, and let the sea be you…”

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute for our discussion on hindsight and a special guided meditation designed to help us trace ourselves back to the first hints of truth inside.

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