Today’s final episode of the Wayfinding meditation series is an exploration of foresight. You might remember we started this month’s series with a talk on the tools of modern day wayfinding: hindsight, insight & foresight as guidance back to our true selves.

At its heart, wayfinding is a system of elements working together to provide guidance; so too is our meditation practice. It is within this practice that we make our way home to ourselves. It is with these tools of hindsight, insight & foresight that we discover ourselves.

Hindsight has shown us what was inside all along – our unique soul calling.

Insight is the very definition of meditation and the chance for us to tap into the well of peace that exists inside at all times regardless of external circumstances.

And now, Foresight… in my mind, foresight is simply another name for The Dharma or The Teachings of Meditation. These teachings serve as a map. In the same way our ancient wayfinders used stars to navigate their way through the world, we can use the teachings to find our way back to ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we have to trust everything we are told; it is simply an invitation to live with a “beginner’s mind” – an open, curious place rather than a place of certainty or limitations.

Join me for today’s discussion and meditation practice, and as we gaze inwards with presence, non-judgment & compassion, the teachings and ideas from those a little further ahead on the path infuse our subconscious and shine a light so we can see a little more clearly.

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