Recently, in my readings, I came across this question, “what are you practicing for?” and it stopped me in my tracks.

It made me think back to my very first yoga class. My very first meditation experience. I’ve shared before that it took me quite a bit of exploration to find a meditation practice that actually worked for me. What was it that pushed me to keep exploring?

Then, a few days after coming across this question, my favorite song came on the radio {feel free to take a listen}. It was Sunday morning. Early. Cool, clean air and sunny skies. I was alone {holla, mamas!}. And, as I listened, I cried happy tears over the beauty of the moment.

That is it.

That is why I practice. So that in random everyday moments beauty can move me to tears.

What are you practicing for?

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore the reasons we practice, how to keep it sacred, and then sit together for a 20-minute guided meditation.


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