In the midst of our Miracles in the Mundane series, I am home this week with the kiddos while my partner is away for work. I’m re-releasing an old episode that ties in perfectly with our focus on being R E A L this month:

For most of us, we operate with some level of “I am not ok; this moment needs to be FIXED” more often than not. We are continually editing the story of our lives, and we do it in a thick, red Sharpie. With slashes across the page, giant X’s through words/moments/experiences and lots of notes in the margins…

Now, imagine for a moment you simply chose to throw away your Sharpies. Truly, you click the cap back on and dump them (ALL of them) in the trash can. How would that feel? How would it be to simply decide you are ok in this moment and all the moments of your life?

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