Ok, so I know it is spring and we are all wanting light, healthy meals. I do too. But, with a little one in my arms almost all day and a witching hour that knows no bounds, I feel like cooking anything is an act far too complicated for the likes of me! Happily, while I’ve always been a huge Crock-Pot fan, this blog post made me weep with joy. Seriously. I can prep these meals on the weekend while my hubby is home to help and then voila! I don’t have to think about dinner during the week at all. SO. EASY.

Hope you enjoy these too!



Chicken Barbecue Roast

Chicken Potato Casserole

Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

White Chicken Chili

Chicken Taco Soup

Classic Chicken, Beans and Rice

Tangy Chicken Cranberry Rice

Sweet Cashew Chicken

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