Last night, I had the incredible privilege of attending Sacred Thread Yoga’s One Year Anniversary celebration. The celebration was a night of sweetness: a free yoga class taught by the beautiful Deborah Quibell and then chai, sweets and community afterwards. As a teacher at Sacred Thread, Deborah asked all of us to record “an invitation” that we would like to share with yoga community during this class. She wove all of our invitations into the evening’s playlist for one of the sweetest yoga classes I’ve ever attended. Every time I heard one of my fellow teachers’ voices, my eyes filled with tears and my practice moved another layer deeper.

The request for an invitation caught me a bit off guard though, I was spending the weekend with a girlfriend and wasn’t at home with my usual resources of yoga books, journals and saved quotes to inspire me. As I sat on my friend’s couch reflecting over the weekend and wondering what I would share in class this week, my eyes fell on a beautiful piece of art created by another dear friend.


“Here’s my thanks to the monster that didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive.” Created by Laura Martin

And as simple as that, I pulled out my phone and recorded an invitation for you:

An Invitation for You