This weekend, I attended a short seminar titled Smart Women Finish Rich (created after this book), which, in truth, I wasn’t overly excited about. I mean, who wants to spend any of your weekend talking about investing?! But, my mom and sisters had highly recommended it so I caved… Sunday Funday.

Yet, I found myself getting sucked in pretty quick – it was interesting, powerful information, but the piece that had the most immediate impact on me really didn’t have much to do with money after all. To paraphrase, what I heard was this:

Imagine that every single day from today until you die, you received a paycheck for $86,400. Really. Every. Single. Day. Imagine what you would do with this money – buy stuff, save, help those in need… It is pretty easy to start making a list, right? Go ahead, make your list….

I’m guessing you didn’t write down that you would let the money just sit in uncashed checks, or that you’d give the checks to someone else and say, “you do what you want with it and I’ll just go along for the ride”…

Ok, enough with the fantasizing. In reality, every single morning that you wake up, you have 84,600 seconds to spend. Every. Single. Day. How do you spend your seconds? Do you waste them by staring at Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/etc.? Do you give them to someone else and let them tell you how to spend your seconds? Do you spend them going around and around in your head with what you should do/could do/should say/could say? You wouldn’t waste your money this way; why waste your seconds?

Be conscientious when deciding who you’ll spend your time with, what you’ll do and for how long. Recently, I made the marvelous discovery that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is available on Amazon Instant Prime right now. Do you know how many hours I can waste watching episode after episode of my beloved high school drama? Seriously, hours. So, I put a limit on it. Yes, I could watch 3 episodes at a time, but I could also squeeze in that walk I mean to take everyday and then watch 1 episode instead. Maybe a better spending of my 84,600 seconds…  (although I’m sure Angel would disagree…)

How will you spend your seconds this week?