This weekend I woke up early enough to enjoy my practice out on the back deck.  I pulled up a YogaGlo video and went about breathing, and moving, and sweating a bit.  Somewhere in the flow, Elena Brower said, “always assume the most abundant possible outcome.”  And, I had to stop right there in that moment.  I grabbed a pen and wrote in huge letters in my planner (yep, I totally use a real paper calendar) “always assume the most abundant possible outcome.”

Isn’t that spectacular?  As I heard her speak those words it hit me so clearly that I rarely do this.  Don’t we almost always consider decisions and changes with fear in our hearts?  Fear of change, fear of the “what if it doesn’t work out”, fear that failure is around the corner.

In this last week, I had so many conversations with friends and clients about this very topic.  This idea of fear limiting our ability to choose what we really want – in a career, in a partner, in our lives…  It is huge stuff.  But, as I let this idea of abundant outcomes saturate my thoughts I could see that this isn’t necessarily just some yogic sunshine that we share.  I can see that when I have moved in truth with who I am and what I want, I HAVE received abundant outcomes.  Time and time again, I have felt that fear of change and the unknown and yet, time and time again, it has worked out ok.  Actually, it has usually worked out great.  Not to say that everything has been successful, but even the failures have steered me towards a new success, a new growth.  And, I wonder how long it takes to learn this lesson?  To learn that abundant outcomes should be expected rather than failed outcomes.  How many times must we succeed, must we realize we are still OKAY before we stop fearing?

Go get a Sharpie (everything is more real when written with a Sharpie) and put this down somewhere you will see it:

abundant outcome

Assume the Most Abundant Possible Outcome.