As we journey from the darkest day of the year towards the birth of a new year and all the hope that comes with it, we stand at the threshold of intention. Perhaps we acknowledge our hopes and aspirations for the new year, perhaps we bury those same hopes under the fear of past disappointments.

The last two years, I gave up listing out my resolutions of a healthier life, more practice and better balance because they started to feel stale. They felt as if they were expected rather than heartfelt. Something my small self, my ego, stated confidently while my true Self sighed and shook her head. Is that what growth is about? Is that how we go about digging in past the expectations of a “good person” and actually see that “good person” within us?

Last year, I gave up my list of resolutions and gave myself a word – Truth. This word had showed up in many of my practices and as I stared at the unknown territory of the upcoming year, I asked if that year could be an exploration of Truth. It was my word.

That isn’t to say I was always Truthful; hardly. But, by having this focused intention, I was able to be more aware of both my honesty and my dishonesty. I was able to watch just a little bit. I didn’t miss the disappointment – there was no “I have to do THIS” or I “failed to do THAT” – it was just a word that I kept present in my thoughts.

Ganesha So this year, as we share our one practice together before 2013. I’ll invite you to search for your intention, maybe it is a word, a feeling or something indescribable that you just KNOW. We’ll build our breakthrough energies and practice dissolving obstacles through some powerful and fun backbends and a whole lotta breath.

See you at 6 a.m. Thursday at Atlanta Hot Yoga.