Did you know David Bowie almost became a Buddhist Monk? I didn’t either until I read this article from Lion’s Roar. Bowie said he was within a month of taking his vows and becoming a monk but he struggled with the choice and his love of music. When

he talked this over with his teacher, he was told to stay with music. “It was how he could be of the most benefit.”

In a few short sentences, this story reminds us of the importance of listening to our heart’s desire and staying aligned with that purpose. This is not the egoic resolutions of January (although those are all well and good too. You can read my current thoughts on that here.) such as losing weight, being more organized, etc. Our purpose, our Sankulpa, is the calling of our heart. What is it that matters most to us?

It’s important to continue to come back to this question again and again. For purpose is present. It is fresh. If we decide XYZ is our purpose and then stop checking back in, we might wake up a few months or years further down the path and discover we are way out of alignment with our Sankupla. As Bowie’s favorite Buddhist teaching tells us, “change is our river”. In this moment, what is it that matters most?