Often, I develop my themes for class each week based on my experiences from the previous week – either on the mat or in life or both.  Something that appears and seems like a situation most of us can identify with will usually make for a powerful pre-class talk when we tie it to living our yogic lives.  But some weeks, I draw a blank.  Some Mondays, after my practice, after thumbing through my favorite books and scanning through my journal nothing seems to resonate.  I’m not ready to share something, it might not be applicable to most students… whatever the reason, sometimes I just can’t put my finger on the theme of the week.

In these moments, I am so grateful for students and friends who consistently and loving share their experiences, ideas and thoughts as fodder for class.  This morning I opened  my email to find this clip emailed to me from a sweet friend and student.  Interestingly, she was the second person to send me a clip of Brene Brown discussing the topic of vulnerability.  A few months ago, another friend sent me Brene’s Ted Talk.  Was this a hint from them or the universe?  I thought it best not to ignore a possible hint from the universe and so this week we will look at our experiences of joy, gratitude and vulnerability.