Often times, as a teacher, when I walk into a room at the beginning of class I am looking forward to sharing a message and an energetic experience.  I love taking what I feel in the room and using words, music and postures to help shift the energy so students leave feeling strong, open and centered.  But just as often, the practitioners in the room share something with me as well.

I might only get to do a handful of postures while teaching but I almost always receive a lift, an energetic boost from the class I lead. This boost comes from the student.  Whether you offer it intentionally or not, your presence on the mat affects my day and my mood just as much as when I’m on the mat practicing myself.  Sometimes more.

So this week, I want to take the time to say in each class, “Thank You.”  Thank you for pushing the pause button in your day to come to class; thank you for rolling out your mat and practicing with me.  You uplift me, you support me and you share with me.

I am so grateful.