It wasn’t that long ago that I was first introduced to the idea of Interdependence. Of being mutually responsible to each other. Of two things being mutually dependent and relying on each other to exist, to function or to fulfill potential.

“The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual; the impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community.” ~William James

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent…” ~John Donne

Can we transform our competitive nature – instead of being better than, can we trust that any one success is mutually dependent on additional success? That any one happiness is dependent on additional happiness? Can we grow an attitude of loving-kindness towards all beings?

From Shantideva:

May I be a guard for those that need protection. A guide for those on the path. A boat, a raft, a bridge for those to cross the flood. May I be a lamp in the darkness, a resting place for the weary, and a healing medicine for all those who are sick. For as long as earth & sky endure, may I assist until all living beings are awakened.