Last week, my husband and I spent an evening at the High Museum of Art to see the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibit.  Neither of us are huge “art” people, but I had picked up a book about Frida Kahlo in a used bookstore somewhere in my travels and her images have always stayed with me.  So, when I saw this exhibit in town I thought it would be a fun night out for us.

Fun might have been the wrong word.  We walked through the exhibit in silence and at the end of it, we both just sort of stared at each other in a loss for words.  After some fresh air, a few drinks and some jazz music we agreed that the words that stuck with us after this exhibit were “visceral,” “raw,” and “passionate”.

Frida Kahlo

In piece after piece, you could see the unquestioning passion that these two artist felt for each other.  It felt like the passion you imagine artists feeling – painful, gut-wrenching, and gorgeous all at once.  It was the kind of emotion that makes you go home and question your own relationships and how they stack up.

Flash forward a week…

I’ve just returned from an inspiring week in British Columbia where I was honored to be a guest of the 2013 lululemon Ambassador Summit.  I spent the week with 110 yoga, run, and tri-athlete ambassadors from across the world, and together we spent time sharing our goals, our fears, and our passions.  Somewhere in this week, I was again struck by this idea of passion.  It was the same sweaty, emotional, lusty passion of Frida & Diego but it was applied to the dreams and ideas of the future rather than to another person.

Passion is powerful stuff whether it is of the 50 Shades of Grey ilk or the get-your-ass-in-gear-and-show-the-future-who’s-boss variety.  And, sometimes, just sometimes, when I’m breathing deep belly breaths and I’m moving on the mat without thought of what’s right, what’s wrong, I can feel that passion move through me.


might be passion, more likely fear coursing through my veins at this particular moment but I went with it!


my fearless zip-lining companion


passion and courage in the flesh


witnessing someone who has found their life’s work and is embracing it with reckless abandon