This week, I am sharing an old, but very loved social science experiment done by The Washington Post in 2007. The question of this experiment? “In a banal setting at an inconvenient time, would beauty transcend?”

I HIGHLY encourage you to take the 10 minutes needed to read the full story here:

The short recap for those without 10 minutes:

The Post plants Joshua Bell, a world renown violinist, in a metro station in D.C. Bell plays 3 incredibly complex pieces over 45 minutes during rush hour commute. In this time, only 6 people stop and most were less than a 1 minute pause. A few days before he played to a sold-out crowd in Boston where tickets went for over $100/ticket. In the metro, many people didn’t even remember passing a violinist on their way to work…

In a common environment, at an inconvenient time, are we able to appreciate beauty? This week, let’s set an intention to pause throughout our day. To be aware of our environment and beauty surrounding us. Allow yourself a minute to enjoy. After all, our days go by pretty fast, don’t they?