How do you play with patience?

These are the words I wrote in my journal Monday night after a particularly frustrating day. And who hasn’t been in need of a little more patience? The things we want most to come to fruition always seem to take so much longer than we expect. Patience. Patience. So easy to say and SO HARD to actually live with.

So, I practiced. I wrote. And then I succumbed to my Monday night guilty pleasure of watching some kind of girly movie my husband would rarely agree to watch (since he has class on Monday nights…). This week it was Reality Bites (so excited for this bit of 90s reminiscing!). Remember this?

So, somewhere about halfway through, Ethan Hawke dropped this little gem in my lap…

I take pleasure in the little things. A quarter pounder with cheese… The sky 10 minutes before it rains… Your laughter as it becomes a cackle…”

And suddenly, I felt I had my answer.

How do you play with patience? You take pleasure in the little things.

What is making me happy in this second? As I type this, sitting in the Whole Foods on Ponce, I am delighted by the soda I just discovered called Wild Poppy. What a great name.

Many moons ago, on another frustrating day, I made a list of little things that I love. Here is my list:

my husband, yoga, green juice, homemade marshmallows, flannel sheets, magazines, bad TV movies, deviled egg plates, foreign languages, chai, farmers markets, my family, early morning walks, mountains, creative ideas, surprises, silence, cookbooks, GPS, 80s music, Sharpie pens, homemade gifts, beautiful writing, changing seasons…

Will share your list with me? Hit me on Facebook and let me know what you are enjoying right now.