Yoga sees the person as a multidimensional being and that pain/dysfunction can come from imbalances of the physical body, the person’s relationship to energy (anxiety, stress, depression) or the mind (thoughts and emotions manifest as physical issues or anxiety/depression/stress). Yoga therapy works to create balance on all these levels.

Therapeutic yoga classes are a combination of physical postures taught with mindful alignment individualized to each person’s shape and condition, breath awareness, and working with the mind and emotions. The physical postures are taught with an emphasis on stabilizing the joints. From a place of stability we work with stretching and strengthening to correct imbalances that cause pain. In pain, nervous system regulation is very important to create balance in the mind and body. Through breath techniques and the physical postures we work with creating relaxation through the nervous system and regulating the nervous system. The practice of mindfulness creates a strong container of the mind so that you learn to “watch” thoughts and emotions, the patterns they create in the body, and discover how to create balance in the mind and body.