A friend just sent me a link to this article in The Atlantic… The title is, “People Prefer Electric Shocks to Being Alone with Their Thoughts”. Wow. Just wow.

Take a moment to read (don’t worry; it is short) and then take a moment to pause and reflect. How does sitting alone with your thoughts feel to you?

Normally, I am all about my meditation practice, but I’ll be honest – over the last couple of months as the little one has tried to kill me with morning sickness there have been MANY times that meditation was the last thing that was going to happen. Trying zoning out to crappy television for 7 hours; thank you very much.

So this article got me thinking about why meditation was the last thing I wanted to do when I was feeling bad. What is the point if you only do something when you feel good? Does that help you to learn or grow? I kinda doubt it. So, this morning, despite the grumpy internal moaning, I pulled out my cushion and sat. Was it amazing and blissful? No. If I had the choice to shock myself instead of sitting in silence, would I have done that? No.

In the end, it was somewhere in the middle. It didn’t end my nausea or help me see passed it, but it was much more helpful to see it and watch it for a few minutes in connection with my body rather than try to complete zone out and ignore it. Tomorrow I will sit again. Will you join me?