Who Am I?

-A yoga teacher

Beyond That?

-A wife, sister, daughter

Who Am I Beyond That?

-A woman, a human being

And After That?

As I have dived into our inaugural book club selection, Yoga And The Quest For The True Self, I have been spending quite a bit of time with this idea of the True Self.  This Self is far more vast than the identity I describe with words.  This is the Self of inner knowledge, inner instinct and TRUTH.  The wisdom woven through our dreams trying to break into the conscious mind.

Lately, I have been having incredibly vivid dreams.  The kind of dreams that allow your senses to totally participate – I smell, I feel, and I taste.  Most importantly, I remember a lot of what happens in these dreams.  I haven’t been able to work out what these dreams are trying to whisper to me but as best I can I’ve been trying to listen.

I’ve listened by asking the questions above in my meditations.  And, more interestingly perhaps, I’ve listened by trying to allow my inner instincts a chance to do what they will.  On the mat and off, I’ve focused on listening to some of the spontaneous urges that arise in my day:  sitting down to meditate at a random moment, postponing a planned errand to review a book passage that has been reciting itself in my head, making lots and lots of lists.

Will these actions reveal more of this True Self?  In layers and levels, I’m sure it will.  In the meantime, I continue to practice, to breath and to journal.  “Practice and All is Coming” or so they say…