This Sunday, I am teaching in the company of so many wonderful Atlanta instructors at the final day of the Wigwam Wellness Festival Series. It promises to be a day love-able with enlightened ideas and fun practices. I am teaching two workshops:

2:15 – 3:15 p.m. Exploring Truth (yoga class)

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Finding Your Purpose with Meditation (meditation class)

As I drafted my notes for Sunday’s class on Truth, I thought I’d share a sneak peek here….

The very nature of our yoga practice is an investigation into Truth. Everything about our practice is inviting us to inquire, “what is happening for me RIGHT NOW?” “What do I feel in THIS moment?… and this one? … and this one.”

When we are suffering, we are most often believing something untrue. We are warring with reality. Maybe our beliefs tell us that we aren’t safe, or we aren’t love-able or that we are simply wrong all the time. Our practice helps us to shine the light of awareness on these patterns. Every time we feel fear we act in certain ways – maybe over-eating, drug/alcohol abuse or simply zoning out in front of the TV instead of dealing with the underlying issue.  The power of our practice, the power of inquiry is that it directs our attention to the present moment – to what is going on for us exactly in this moment without the backdrop of our stories.

An investigation into our individual Truths is not a mental or analytical process. We aren’t solving a problem or answering a question. We simply pay attention. “What wants my attention right now?” “What am I feeling in body right now?” We have to be willing to drop everything we know to be able to open to truth. This is big. Can you let go of all you believe about yourself to dig deeper into Truth? You can read and study about spiritual practices forever but freedom only comes from actually doing the work yourself.

I hope you’ll join me on Sunday at 2:15 for a larger discussion and a yoga practice centered around this inquiry.